Tom Hiddleston To Voice Captain Hook In The Pirate Fairy

Tom Hiddleston

At D23 Expo, it was announced that Tom Hiddleton, who plays Loki in the Thor movies, will be taking a villain role in an upcoming animated feature from Disney. Tom Hiddleston will be voicing a human cabin boy named James in The Pirate Fairy.

However, there’s a twist to Tom Hiddleston’s character. James grows up to be Captain James Hook, the nefarious villain of Peter Pan. The Pirate Fairy will be the origin story of Captain James Hook.

In addition to the Tom Hiddleston announcement, it was also announced that Christina Hendricks will be voicing a pirate fairy named Zarina. The Pirate Fairy will be the first Tinkerbell movie where Neverland will be shown. Peggy Holmes is the director for The Pirate Fairy.