Vin Diesel Might Say More Than I Am Groot in Guardians Of Galaxy, As Film Won’t Necessarily Follow Comics

Vin Diesel Groot

Groot is the tree-like creature in Guardians Of The Galaxy, who is known for only saying “I am Groot.” At least that’s what it sounds like to most everyone, but in actuality, Groot is saying a number of different things, but it all sounds the same due to the hardened nature of Groot’s larynx.

With recent news that Vin Diesel is in talks to play Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy, the big question circulating the Internet is why an a-list star would be hired to play a character who only says “I am Groot.” Some are speculating that it might be the only type role that Vin Diesel has time for, given his numerous other movie roles.

However, the assumption that Vin Diesel will only utter the phrase “I am Groot” in the movie could be completely wrong. When Michael Rooker was appearing at Fandomfest in Kentucky, asked him about if he was worried that he might get typecast for playing one-handed characters, since Yondu loses his hand in the comic books.

Michael Rooker said, “No, no, that’s only in the comic, and different…I don’t know…as in The Walking Dead, not everything’s the same when you do a project and bring it from a comic or a graphic novel, not everything stays the same. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Maybe, I’ll lose an ear or a toe. No, I’m just teasing with you [laughing].”

If Yondu’s character might not stay the same in the leap from the comic books to the big screen, the same could likely apply to Groot as well. It's possible that Groot might say a number of things in the Guardians Of The Galaxy.