"Where Is Muammar Gaddafi?" Comic Book Announced

Where's Muammar Gadaffi comic book

Bluewater Comics has made a name for themselves by doing biography comics on well-known celebrities and political figures. Now, Bluewater Comics is taking it to the next level by capitalizing on current events with timely digital mini-graphic novels. Bluewater Comics has announced a digital comic called “Where’s Muammar?”

“Where’s Muammar?” focuses on Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. With his nation at war to oust him out of power, Gaddafi has kept a low profile. The mini-graphic novel is written by Jarred Weisfeld with art by Dario Reyes, and it is being released exclusively on the Nook and the Kindle.

Creator Jarred Weisfeld has called Gaddafi the “modern day Houdini.” “He could show up just about anywhere at any given time,” said Weisfeld.

“Libya has been in the news in recent months and when Jared came to me with this idea that was so unique and out there, I couldn't resist," said Darren G. Davis, who is president of Bluewater Comics.

“We have made headlines for our comic book series on politicians and stars from sports, music, movies and television, we wanted to try something new,” added Davis. Here’s a link to the book on the Nook and here’s a link to the book on the Kindle.