Will Sony Pictures Kill Spider-Man In Amazing Spider-Man 3?

Death of Spider-Man

Here’s a rather interesting rumor that we heard awhile back that we didn’t report, because it just sounded kind of far-fetched. However, with recent announcements by Sony Pictures, we’re kind of thinking there might be something to it.

Here goes. Sony Pictures plans to kill off Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man 3. Now, on the surface, this rumor seems far-fetched from the perspective of Sony would have to be crazy to kill off the lead in their most valuable franchise. However, there are two pieces of recent news that make us think this rumor could actually be for real.

One is that Andrew Garfield revealed that he was only signed for Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3 and had nothing to do with the already announced Amazing Spider-Man 4. Second is that Sony Pictures announced that they would be doing a Venom movie and a Sinister Six movie.

In particular, many people have been wondering how Sony Picture will do a movie focusing entirely on villains. Well, what if Sinister Six is Amazing Spider-Man 4? If Spider-Man dies at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 3, then maybe the villains are running rampant in a world without Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man 4.


With more and more comic book movies coming out, studios have to find new ways to keep things fresh. Comic books are notorious for killing off main characters only to bring them back eventually. Why wouldn’t a studio try this same trick in a movie?

Of course, just like in comic books, Spider-Man wouldn’t really be dead. But just imagine a storyline where Spider-Man dies in Amazing Spider-Man 3, the Sinister Six villains are in control in Amazing Spider-Man 4, and Spider-Man makes his triumphant return in Amazing Spider-Man 5.