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Worst MCU Movie & Tiger King Review - Episode 02x17

  • 1h 64m
  • 12/18/2019

Quarantine lockdown continues this episode, as we get into the debate over what the worst MCU movie is; talk about the latest call for the Justice League Snyder Cut; say goodbye to Walking Dead’s Michonne and review Netflix’s crazy new docu-series, Tiger King.

MCU’s Next Big Villain & Coronavirus Lockdown Anime Guide - Episode 02x16

  • 55m
  • 12/18/2019

In this episode we discuss which Marvel villain should be the next MCU Big Bad; Talk about all the newness on Netflix and Disney+ to keep you sane in COVID-19 lockdown; provide a handy guide to anime / manga binges; and give impressions of the latest Batman reveals and Resident Evil 3 Demo.

Westworld Season 3 Review & Coronavirus Lockdown Binge Guide - Episode 02x15

  • 56m
  • 12/18/2019

In this episode we provide recommendations to help keep you entertained and sane during the COVID-19 lockdown; review the Westworld Season 3 premiere and The Walking Dead Whisperer War; And share the latest updates on how WWE and Movie Studios are adjusting to the new reality of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Delays, The Hunt & Bloodshot Reviews - Episode 02x14

  • 1h 62m
  • 12/18/2019

In this episode we breakdown all the movies and Television delayed by the Coronavirus; Plus we review new movies The Hunt, Bloodshot, and My Spy!