Vin Diesel Releases First Fast 8 Picture, Confirms New York City Location


Vin Diesel posted a new Fast 8 teaser image with the tagline, "New Roads Ahead."

The image confirms that part of the film will be set in New York City, which is what Diesel told host Jimmy Fallon when he appeared on an October broadcast of The Tonight Show.

"Something that people don't know is the first movie came from a Vibe article that was about street races in New York, and the director and producer at the time reset the whole movie in LA," Diesel explained during his late night appearance. "But the Vibe article that the whole franchise was started from actually originated in New York. So, we're finally bringing it back home, baby!"

The last few installments in the series have been heist films, but the Fast 8 director has said the new film will have a fresh take. A portion of the film might also be set in Cuba.


Fast 8 is being directed by F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton) and will land in theaters April 14, 2017.