Star Wars: Fans Get Caught Between the Resistance and First Order at NYCC

Anyone who has ever attended a comic convention will tell you that there are experiences you can enjoy there that can't be matched by merely keeping an eye on the internet. For fans who attended the Star Wars booth at New York Comic Con earlier this month can attest, it's one thing to see images online of props and another thing to inadvertently be outed as a spy for the Resistance, only for the First Order to confront you, which you can see happen in the video below.

Not that anyone attending New York Comic Con was unaware that The Last Jedi was coming to theaters on December 15, that didn't stop Lucasfilm from pulling out all the stops to get fans in on the action. As if your picture being emblazoned on the wall of a booth isn't enough, having the First Order Stormtroopers come out and Kylo Ren using his Force powers really kicks the experience up a notch.

The booth itself didn't reveal too many hints about what the upcoming film would be about, but that didn't stop attendees from visiting the booth to see some of the film's props.

The Monday after the convention, fans got to witness the all-new trailer for the upcoming film, which set the internet on fire. Within 24 hours, the trailer was watched over 120 million times, making it one of the biggest trailer debuts of all time.

If the views of the trailer alone wasn't enough, dissections and reactions of the trailer resulted in thousands of videos, allowing The Last Jedi to completely dominate social media.

Lucasfilm was so blown away by the response, they even issued a thank you letter to all of their fans on

"It’s your response to the trailer and eagerness to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi that has us feeling most proud. It’s difficult to articulate what these view numbers, your online discussions, and your reaction videos — which we watch! — mean to us," the letter read. "We are humbled and grateful.

You can check out The Last Jedi when it lands in theaters on December 15.

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