Star Wars Meme Puts Rey and the Emperor's Relationship in Hilarious Perspective

One perfect Star Wars meme put the entire Rey and Emperor Palpatine relationship in hilarious perspective. The Internet basically exploded this week when people realized that Rey’s dad is actually a clone of Palpatine in the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novelization. X_Fredex posted the image to Sequel Memes on Reddit and the results are pretty accurate now that a bunch of characters have been revealed as clones of the Emperor. The meme has You as Finn and his crush as Rey. Unfortunately for you, your crush’s dad, grandpa, grandma, and brother are all clones of the same old man. That’s truly a tough scene. Debates are still raging online about this movie and it has been months since it first entered theaters.

The novelization sees Rey trying to vanquish her grandfather during the Sith Ritual. But, she receives a vision of her grandfather’s past on Exegol that sends everything screeching to a halt. Palpatine “thrust his consciousness” into a clone after Return of the Jedi. But, since the “transfer was imperfect,” the Sith decided to find another host that would more readily align with their leader’s consciousness. The fact that they call one of the attempts a “useless, powerless failure” with a cosmetic irregularity is the first hint that the clone ended up being the one to father Rey.

Actor Ian McDiarmid has spoken about how Palpatine could be alive before. "The cloning thing? Yes. Well, of course, there were all sorts of explanations for why I might return," McDiarmid said during Comic Con Brussels. "But it’s interesting because, I think I can reveal something, at one point the script had the line in that first scene with [Kylo Ren actor] Adam [Driver], when he says, ‘You’re a clone,’ and I said, in that original script, which is no longer with us, ‘More than a clone. Less than a man.’ Which seemed, to me, to sum him up, really. Because we know the camera has already snaked past the clone tank in which there are various versions of Snoke, that you probably noticed."

What a fam from r/SequelMemes

Writer Chris Terrio had this to say of all the cloak and dagger manipulation across the series.

There needed to be an antagonist that the good guys could be fighting, and that’s when we really tried to laser in on who had been the great source of evil behind all of this for so long. That’s when we really started aggressively pursuing this idea that there is old evil that didn’t die,” Terrio explained. “The source of the evil in the galaxy is this dark spirit waiting for its revenge and biding its time. The entity known as Palpatine in this version — his body died in Return of the Jedi — is patient and has been waiting. He dug his fox hole and has been waiting for his chance to re-establish his total domination.”

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