Maya Rudolph Joins the Cast of Star Wars VR Series 'Vader Immortal'

The newest chapters of the Star Wars universe are beginning to be teased at this weekend's Star Wars Celebration Chicago, including several new adventures in the video game world. Among them is the upcoming Virtual Reality game Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, which has enlisted a pretty familiar face to bring the story to life.

During Vader Immortal's panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, it was revealed that Maya Rudolph has lent her voice to the upcoming video game. Rudolph will be starring in the game as ZOE3, a quick-witted droid co-pilot that audiences will partner with throughout the story.

"Much in the way Alan Tudyk did with K-2SO, we needed somebody for this role that could create a unique character using their improvisation and performance skills,” David Goyer, the game's writer and executive producer, explained. “Maya truly was the first person we thought of, right from the very beginning, and her contributions and sense of humor have guided ZOE3 every step of the way."

Rudolph is best known for her prolific work on Saturday Night Live, as well as roles in Big Mouth, Big Hero 6, and Bridesmaids.

Set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series is an original narrative adventure that lets audiences step into the role of a smuggler operating near Mustafar, the volcanic world that Darth Vader calls home. In typical Star Wars fashion, they’ll soon find themselves in the middle of a grand adventure as they are unexpectedly pulled out of hyperspace — and eventually come face to face with the Sith Lord himself.

Vader Immortal lets you step inside a Star Wars story, so you’re not just observing what’s happening. You’re the lead character,” the game's director, Ben Snow, revealed. “As a fan, I've always wanted to feel what it’s like to be close to Darth Vader. So to have him walk right up in VR — not only with his mechanical breathing, but talking to and addressing you directly — is something that I think is going to be meaningful for a lot of fans.”

Vader Immortal will serve as a launch title for the untethered Oculus Quest headset, and will also be available on the Oculus Rift family of headsets, including the upcoming Rift S.

“Oculus Quest unlocks new ways to create." Colum Slevin, Head of Media, AR/VR Experiences Group at Oculus, teased. "It shifts the design paradigm by freeing creators from certain constraints, and the untethered form factor was one of the key reasons we partnered with the ILMxLAB team on this project” said Slevin. “What makes Vader Immortal so exciting is that this kind of story, this kind of moment in the Star Wars canon, can only happen in VR. You’ll see what I mean the moment you fire up a lightsaber and wield it in your hands.”

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Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series - Episode 1 is expected to be released this spring.