'X-Files' Creator Teases Open-Ended Fate for Scully

The X-Files season 11 premieres today, and while it will be chock-full of big mysteries and reveals, the behind-the-scenes happenings around the show are already raising some big questions / concerns about where season 11 could take things. One of the biggest concerns right now is X-Files star Gillian Anderson leaving the show once season 11 is done.

Ever since Anderson revealed that she was planning to retire from playing Scully, the fanbase has been buzzing. In a recent Reddit fan Q&A, series creator Chris Carter had the following to say about the matter: "For me, the show has always been Mulder and Scully. So the idea of doing the show without her isn’t something I’ve ever had to consider.”

While on the one hand that may seem to indicate that Carter would end the entire X-Files series if Anderson leaves, his followup statement leaves the door slightly cracked open. When asked directly by a fan if Scully gets a proper goodbye in the season 11 finale, Carter suggested the character's fate might not be so certain, stating, "I think you will want to sit down and watch the [season] finale very carefully."

The X-Files has a history of leaving things open-ended when it comes to the main mythos. Season 9 was left open-ended, suggesting the quest for Mulder's "truth" would go on, even if we didn't continue with the characters, while season 10 was an outright cliffhanger. X-Files season 11 seems like it will bring the franchise back around to its main focus, and leave things in an similarly open-ended place.

A bolder move be if this season reboots the premise of the show in a ways that no longer requires Mulder and/or Scully. Would you still watch?

The X-Files season 11 airs Wednesdays on Fox @ 9/8c.

The X-FilesWednesday at 8 PM EST on FOX

The X-Files

The X-FilesWednesday at 8 PM EST on FOX

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