New ‘Umbrella Academy’ Character Posters Debut, Release Date Revealed

Netflix is gearing up for the premiere of their latest superhero series, and it has nothing to do with Marvel Comics or Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Instead, they're working with My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Bá for The Umbrella Academy.

The streaming platform revealed some major announcements for the upcoming series as part of their panel at New York Comic Con, announcing the series will debut on February 15, 2019.

(Photo: Netflix)

They also revealed the first photos from the new series, teasing all of the super-weird superhero action that fans should expect when the series premieres. Here we get to see stars Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige in their appearances as Vanya Hargreeves and Cha-Cha respectively.

The series takes place in the '70s in an alternate time, where history didn't go down the way it has here. In the series, a group of children are born to random women in random parts of the world at exactly the same time — and the mothers weren't even pregnant.

(Photo: Netflix)

Only seven of the children survived and were all adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who understands they all have special abilities and are needed to save the world. He decides to train them as part of the titular Umbrella Academy, and they have to contend with a pair of time traveling assassins out to get them, among other threats.

Way addressed the series adaptation on Netflix, talking to the crowd at New York Comic Con about how it all came together.

"Once it started and got greenlit then it all went fast. But the story of UA going from winning the Eisner, we got optioned by Universal right away," Way said. "There was a lot of meetings and I gave a lot of myself. It is so different than the book. The Netflix show is so different than the book. I cant micromanage that. In some ways I need to check out."

(Photo: Netflix)

"So, during a lot of that time, I was working on a film and not working on a film that then never happened. And so in the two years that it took the show to come around, I just checked out even further and just worked on the book. My goal for the show is that they do the best they can, and do their thing, and the show is different because they need to for the screen. They have been faithful to the source material and they kept a lot of the weird ideas, and he embraces them."

Fans will get to see the new series when it premieres on Netflix on February 15, 2019.