'Riverdale' Recap with Spoilers: "No Exit"

The episode opens with Archie in a cabin in the woods in Canada. He makes breakfast.

Toni and Cheryl enter Thistle House while wearing cat masks. They empty out a bounty of money that they stole from the rich. They tell each other that they love each other and begin to kiss.

Jughead explains that it’s been five weeks since Riverdale was quarantined, and that while the town is no longer quarantined, something has definitely changed.

At school, Moose and Kevin chastise Cheryl and Toni for holding hands. They ignore them.

Jughead explains that Veronica’s speakeasy has been thriving in the wake of the quarantine. Veronica greets the patrons, and then watches Josie perform.

Jughead and Betty are woken up in the middle of the night by one of the asylum girls, Hannah, screaming about the Gargoyle King. Hannah asks if they can play a round of G&G, and she reluctantly agrees. When she picks up the game, she finds a package of Fizzle Rocks. One of the boys, Tyler, is blamed for having them. Betty asks him where he got them from, and he says that it was a Serpent.

Betty tells Jughead about a Serpent dealing Hiram’s drugs. Jughead begins to blame himself for not being there for the Serpents and the town. He speculates about why Hiram wanted the town quarantined. Betty reveals that she and Sierra are trying to get the nuns to testify against Hiram.

In his cabin, Archie talks on a CB radio. The voice on the other line asks if he’s thinking about staying in the woods, and then warns about bear sightings.

Reggie’s tires get slashed by members of the Gargoyle Gang. They begin to beat him up.

Veronica apologizes to Reggie for letting that happen. She explains that Hiram wants her to pay 10% of the speakeasy’s earnings, but that she’s doctored the books so he isn’t able to get as much.

Archie and Vegas walk through the woods, until Archie spots a series of bear paw prints. A bear growls behind them.

Archie limps into his cabin, revealing on the CB radio that he got attacked by a bear. The signal begins to cut out, so Archie starts patching himself up. He lays down on his bed to sleep.

Alice suggests that the asylum kids go live at The Farm, but Betty says she wants them to stay with the Coopers until after the trial. Alice agrees, as long as Betty accepts responsibility for them.

Sierra tells Betty that the nuns are refusing to testify against Hiram. Betty offers to testify on her own, but Sierra argues that no one will believe her.

Veronica confronts Hiram about the Gargoyle Gang attack, and offers his help in exchange for 15%. Veronica asks for 5%, and Hiram agrees for 10%. Josie rehearses a song behind them.

Jughead confronts the Serpents about someone selling Fizzle Rocks. He declares that drugs and crime are no longer allowed in the group, but is met with resistance from Cheryl and Fangs. FP says that they’ll figure out a way to make money without drugs.

Josie returns home, only to be attacked by a Gargoyle Gang member. Veronica apologizes to her for it, and Josie threatens to quit the speakeasy if she’s not properly protected.

Betty walks in on Polly and Evelyn recruiting the asylum kids to go to The Farm. They argue about whether or not the farm kids are really safe. Polly reveals that Fangs is the one dealing the Fizzle Rocks.

Jughead and FP confront Fangs about selling drugs. He reveals that he’d needed money for his mom’s medical bills, and that he got them from the Gargoyle Gang. Jughead offers to let Fangs get off on a warning, as long as he promises to never deal drugs again. He agrees.

Cheryl and Toni break into the Five Seasons and steal a faberge egg from the Lodges. At the last minute, they decide to mess with a portrait of Hiram as well.

Archie begins to hallucinate Cassady Bullock and the other Shadow Lake boys playing G&G. He agrees to play one round with him.

Betty meets with a social worker, who says that the asylum kids will be hard to place in adoption or foster care. When Betty reveals that the nuns have taken a vow of silence, the social worker decides to tell her something new about the Sisters.

Veronica confronts Hiram about Josie being stalked, but Hiram says that it’s payback for her fudging her books and for Cheryl breaking in to the apartment.

Veronica meets with Jughead, who offers to have the Serpents work for Veronica in exchange for money. She agrees, as long as Jughead can get the faberge egg back from Cheryl.

Archie gets a G&G card, which asks him to confront a masked figure. He walks down a corridor and into Pop’s, where he tackles and defeats the Black Hood. As he returns to the cabin, he’s met by a vision of Warden Norton. Norton argues that Archie has yet to entirely confront the moment where everything “went wrong”.

Cheryl and Sierra meet with Sister Woodhouse, where they reveal that the Sisters had been disbanded from the church decades prior, which nullifies their vow of silence. Sierra agrees to drop the Sisters’ charges if they testify against Hiram, and Woodhouse agrees.

Jughead tells the Serpents about their new job guarding Veronica. They celebrate. Jughead then confronts Cheryl and Toni about the fabergeegg, and asks them to stop being Serpents. Cheryl accuses Jughead of playing favorites between them and Fangs, and Jughead agrees. Fangs gives up his Serpent jacket and leaves. Cheryl and Toni agree to leave as well, but not before Jughead convinces them to return the egg.

Jughead gives the egg to Veronica and Reggie, who offer the Serpents their first security assignment.

The asylum kids tell Betty that they believe the Gargoyle King is alive, and they begin to question whether or not they’re safe with her.

Archie picks another quest card, which asks him to kill the Gargoyle King. When he looks at it again, it says to kill the Man in Black. Norton waves him off.

Archie enters Hiram’s study and finds him drinking in his chair while looking at a portrait of the Gargoyle King. Archie confronts Hiram, who admits that he framed Archie. Archie looks down and sees a knife in his hand, which he uses to stab Hiram.

Archie returns to the bunker, where he sees Veronica, Betty, and Jughead, all dressed in clothes from the pilot episode. Archie refuses to play the game, but they claim that he has to in order to be free of his sins and return to Riverdale.

Hiram sees the faberge egg broken in his study, alongside a note from Veronica that says there’s no deal between them.

Betty meets with Cheryl, Nana Blossom, Sierra, and Fred, asking them to take a handful of the asylum kids. They all agree.

FP asks Jughead about his deal with Veronica. He then asks to be put back into the Serpents’ dealings.

Reggie is stopped once again by the Gargoyle Gang. As the gang begins to trash Reggie’s cargo, the Serpents jump out and stop them.

Betty returns home, where Alice reveals that Edgar took all of the asylum kids to the Farm.

Archie picks up a quest card and tries to head out the door once again. Once he does, he enters his bedroom at Fred’s house and finds himself sleeping in his bed. Archie finds a baseball bat in his hand.

Fred shows up in the room, telling Archie to forgive his past self, but Archie argues that it’s way too late and that he’s already hurt everyone. Fred asks Archie to come back home, but he says he can’t without doing one thing first. He then proceeds to beat the manifestation of himself, only to find that there’s nothing actually there.

Reggie walks in on Veronica performing at the speakeasy. After the performance, they begin to kiss.

Jughead meets with Fangs, asking him to go undercover in the Gargoyle Gang. Fangs agrees.


Betty gets a phone call from Sierra, who reveals that Hiram bailed the Sisters out of jail. A message is sprawled on the wall — “We go to join thee.” Betty recognizes the phrase, and runs to the asylum. She approaches the door to the Gargoyle King’s chamber, where the nuns have all sacrificed themselves to the Gargoyle King.

The sheriffs finally arrive at Archie’s cabin, where they find him unresponsive in his bed.