The Simpsons To Air On Disney's Freeform

The Simpsons have a brand new home at Disney after the landmark 20th Century Fox deal, and as a result, you will start seeing them expand beyond just FX and Fox networks. As Disney recently announced, that will include Freeform, which will start airing Simpsons episodes in September. Now, these will be repeat episodes, and the network will only air around 10 hours of Simpsons per week according to Deadline. 50 hours of Simpsons repeats will air on FXX, and the show will still get new episodes on FOX, as it was recently renewed for a 31st and 32nd season.

Since the franchise is now Disney owned though, FOX will have to start paying licensing fees to Disney to run episodes of the show, so it remains to be seen whether they will renew past season 32 or if they will let Disney take the show to another network.

FX's Simpsons World Online will also be closed down when The Simpsons launches on Disney+, but that isn't until later in the year. The Simpsons model follows the one FX and Freeform established for Family Guy, as FXX runs 5 hours of repeats while Freeform runs 1 hour. That allotment and the very different audiences the services cater to allow both networks to run repeats and not diminish each other's returns, and we'll see if the formula holds up for The Simpsons.

The Simpsons series is one of many compelling catalogs for Disney's upcoming streaming service. Disney+ will not only launch with that entire catalog but also a large catalog of Disney Channel shows and movies, the entire Star Wars library, all their Disney films, animated and live-action, as well as all of the Marvel Studios catalog. They'll also have new projects exclusive to the service like The Mandalorian, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision, Loki, and more, and that content will only increase as the service continues.

Disney also recently announced it has made a deal with Comcast to acquire their stake in Hulu, meaning the service is now completely under Disney, and yet again expanding Disney's empire.



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