Vudu's Mr. Mom TV Series Gets Its First Trailer

Vudu has released the first trailer for Mr. Mom, their upcoming TV adaptation of the '80s comedy starring Michael Keaton and Terri Garr. In the series, "Megan (Andrea Anders) and Greg (Hayes MacArthur) are at a parenting crossroads. After five years raising their two kids at home, Megan has unexpectedly landed her dream job. Greg’s career is anything but a dream job, so after several failed attempts at securing childcare he abruptly quits in order to take his turn as the stay-at-home parent. He’s thrust headlong into a world of tantrums, diapers and cheese sticks, all while finally attempting to get his start-up off the ground. Megan quickly finds out just how much has changed as she re-enters a workplace filled with over-eager millennials and strange new terms like Slack and hot-desking. It’ll take all the patience these two parents can muster as they try to raise their kids, make ends meet, and find a little time for their marriage."

The original film helped shape the career of Keaton and was one in a long line of hits from filmmaker John Hughes (The Breakfast Club, Home Alone). Keaton's comedy bona fides may have been largely forgotten in the years since, with a career defined by massively popular roles in franchise films like Batman and serious dramas like Birdman and The Founder, but early in his career, movies like Mr. Mom and The Dream Team brought him to a large audience. The original, though, relied on gender roles and family dynamics that largely don't exist anymore -- and indeed a lot of its comedy was in the fact that thirty years ago, those things were already starting to change. That means the new series has to do a lot of reinventing, while trying to stay true to the premise.


Vudu is owned by Walmart, meaning that this marks the first original programming out of one of the world's biggest corporations -- and one who previously only distributed entertainment, rather than creating it. Whether such a late entry to the streaming wars can help the box store regain some of the market it has lost to Amazon is anybody's guess. Vudu already features more than 10,000 titles to watch for free (ad-supported), and 150,000 titles to rent or buy, with more each week as new releases enter the market. The platform generally enjoys a big boost from Walmart's retail power, which can direct digital redemptions from physical discs to Vudu. They also have regular live-tweets of big, new releases for social media events.

Mr. Mom's first season debuts on Vudu on September 12.