Disney Plus Mobile App Downloads Reach New High According to Study

It's been just over two months since Disney+ launched and changed up the streaming landscape by offering users a truly staggering catalog of existing Disney-owned entertainment as well as new original programming and the promise of more. It's no surprise that the service has been wildly popular and now a new report is shedding some light on just how popular it is - in term of mobile downloads at least. According to a new report, the Disney+ mobile app has been downloaded 40.9 million times since its launch in November.

The report comes from mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower (via CNET) and notes that the download numbers comes across Apple's App Store as well as the Google Play store for Android. It further notes that the majority of the downloads are coming from the United States and estimates that nearly $100 million - $97.2 million specifically - in user spending has been generated on mobile in the first two months since the service's release.

These are huge numbers and they are even more significant when you realize that they are just for mobile apps, not for the Disney+ platform on various smart televisions, gaming consoles and devices such as Roku and Apple TV. Those numbers are likely even higher considering that there is a high demand for streaming programming for televisions with similar services like Netflix and Hulu regularly reporting that about two-thirds or more of their viewing is on televisions in the home.

And all of this popularity is likely a driving force behind the valuation of Disney+. A recent report from CNBC indicated that London-based Barclays has Disney+ valued well over $100 billion for The Walt Disney Company. It's a number that is at around 69 percent of Netflix's current value, which is significant when one considers the age of Disney+ versus Netflix - two months for Disney+ as opposed to Netflix's many years (Netflix began offering streaming in 2007 after being started as a mail-order media company eight years prior.)

There are a few things to keep in mind about this new report, however. It's not entirely clear from CNET's reporting if the 40.9 million download number includes individual accounts for Disney+ and it seems unlikely that it does - especially since many users would in theory want to be able to access their Disney+ account from all of their devices. Earlier this month, Rosenblatt Securities analyst Bernie McTernan estimated the service will reach upwards of 25 million users by the end of March.


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