Disney+ Scoring Higher Than Netflix in New Consumer Survey

It didn't take long for Disney+ to become a national phenomenon. The streaming service saw 10 million people sign up in its first week, and that number has continued to skyrocket ever since. Disney+ topped all Google searches in the United States throughout 2019, which shows just how popular the service was even before it launched. Despite some bug issues early on, Disney+ seems to have ironed out the kinks and users are quite happy with the product that has been delivered. In fact, a recent survey suggests that Disney+ is getting better costumer reviews than every other streaming service out there, including Netflix.

This week Variety released the results of a survey that was conducted back in December by YouGov and Variety Intelligence Platform. The survey was conducted online and asked 1,182 adults in the United States about their satisfaction with various streaming services. Of all five major streaming services currently on the market, Disney+ had a higher percentage of survey subjects rate the service a 4 or 5 out of 5 than any of the others.

76% of those who participated in the survey gave Disney+ a rating of 4 or higher, while Netflix polled slightly lower with just 74% of users giving it top scores. Amazon Prime and Hulu came next with 66% and 64%, respectively. The results didn't pan out too well for Apple TV+, which launched about the same time as Disney+. Only 48% of survey takers gave Apple TV+ a 4 or 5.

It's worth mentioning that a service could only be ranked by a user if they indicated that they had used them. So if someone hadn't checked out Disney+ in the months since its launch, they weren't able to include it in their rankings.


When it comes to interface, it was Netflix that topped Disney+, with 85% of voters giving its interface a 4 or 5, compared to 77% for Disney+.

Which of the streaming services have you enjoyed most so far? Let us know in the comments!

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