Game of Thrones Star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Almost Donated to a Petition to Change Series Finale

It's no secret by now that Game of Thrones has one of the most controversial endings in the history of television. For a show as groundbreaking and beloved as Game of Thrones was throughout its entire run on HBO, the ending is almost universally reviled by its fans. It's much harder to find someone who enjoyed the finale than someone who hated it, which speaks volumes to the passion people have for the property. Many people want to know how the stars of Thrones feel about the whole thing, which is a situation that remains difficult to interpret.

Few actors on any show would come out and say they hated something like that, mainly because they're professionals and respect the job they do. However, quite a few of the Game of Thrones stars have reacted in strange ways when asked about the finale. Take Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, for example. When Variety brought up the Thrones finale in a recent interview, he casually mentioned that he considered donating to a petition that asked HBO to reshoot the show's ending.

"I didn’t follow it at all," Coster-Waldau said. "Obviously, I heard about it. I was aware of the petition for a new ending, which I thought was hilarious. I almost wanted to donate to that petition. HBO saying, 'You’re right, so many people want it, we’re going to do it.' I think everyone had their own opinion. I find the world of fandom really interesting. Everyone wanted something specific and different from what they got. It’s a combination of — you imagine an ending; but also, I think if you’re a hardcore fan, it was really upsetting that it ended. You lived with this for eight seasons. There is still a massive community dedicated to Game of Thrones. I think there was a real fear that was going to go away. It had to end."

Does doesn't exactly mean that Coster-Waldau hated the ending of the series, but he doesn't really seem to have any concrete thoughts on the subject. None that he's willing to share, anyway. When asked about how he would end the show, the actor went back and forth about what to say.


"Oh, how did it end? He was — no, it was fine. It was great. It was fine," he said. "How do you end that story? Let’s talk about this in 10 years, then you can talk about it. But now, I think it’s a little too recent."

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