Khal Drogo Is Totally Still Alive on 'Game of Thrones'

Let's be honest, no one liked seeing Jason Momoa's Khal Drogo die at the end of the first season of Game of Thrones. He may have started as a terrible brute in the series premiere, but he won over the hearts of both the fans and Daenerys over the course of his 10 episode run, which ultimately ended in his death. Once Drogo was killed, Daenerys entered into his flaming funeral pyre with her eggs and emerged the next morning with three baby dragons at her side. This was the last we saw of Khal Drogo, or so we thought. As I see it, only the physical body of the warrior perished in Season 1. His soul and spirit never left, and he continues to prove that with each and every episode.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere! Continue reading at your own risk...

So my theory goes like this: When Khal Drogo's body was burned it allowed the dragons to be born, and his soul was actually carried over into one of the trio of beasts. The "main" dragon of the series is named Drogon, literally a mix of the words Drogo and dragon. It's also worth noting that Drogon is far and away the biggest of the dragons, with darker scales than the other two and red tones throughout its body, mimicking the look of Khal Drogo. The more you think about it though, the two have much more in common than just their name and appearance.

It's been made very clear that Drogon and Daenerys have a special relationship, much different than the one she has with the other two dragons. Drogon has always acted as her protector, often getting in the way of danger in order to save his queen or taking her away to safety when necessary. Drogo made a similar promise to his bride years ago.

For one of the most telling examples of their similarities, think back to the end of Season 5. Dany was trapped in Mereen and about to be killed, when Drogon swooped into the arena to protect her, taking several injuries in order to do so. But he proved he was a worthy warrior, and then he took Dany away when there was finally an opportunity. Do you remember where he took her? Dany was left in the middle of a field and soon found herself surrounded by none other than Dothraki riders, the people of Khal Drogo. Things weren't exactly great for Dany at the start of that exchange, but it all worked out eventually, as she was able to bolster her already stout army with even more Dothraki warriors.

The evidence of Drogo's continued existence has been littered throughout the series, but another big clue appeared in Sunday night's Season 8 premiere. In one scene, Daenerys and Jon flew Drogon and Rhaegal out to the middle of nowhere so they could have some time together. They started kissing, only to be interrupted by the dragons watching them. Dany chuckled it off, the power couple continued making out, but Jon was still bothered by something. He looked up once more to see only Drogon staring back at him, almost as if he was angry at Jon for being with Dany.

Well, that's because he was. This wasn't a son looking after his mother and being concerned with the intentions of the new guy. This was the mighty Khal, watching his Khaleesi fall in love with another man right before his eyes, jealous of the relationship Jon Snow gets to have with her. However, there was definitely an added layer to this, as Drogon knew that, no matter how much this new love bothered him, Daenerys was happy with Jon.

Happiness and safety are all he's ever wanted for his queen.



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