'Game of Thrones' Recap With Spoilers - "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

So Game of Thrones is back for the second of its six-part farewell season and things are finally looking to get heated up. As the trailer last week revealed, this episode kicks things off with the entrance of Jaime Lannister, which gets everybody fired up considering how many enemies that guy has in the North. We'll start there and run through the entire episode, spoilers and all. So if you haven't seen it yet, and don't want to know what's going on, best to get out now. Ready? Let's begin.

Everything begins with the trial of Jaime Lannister, who has too many enemies to count at this point. He has fought with just about everyone in Winterfell, he killed Dany's father, and pushed Bran out of a window when he was just a boy. There's good cause for him to be executed. However, Sansa changes her tune when Brienne vouches for Jaime, and Jon decides that he should be kept alive. It also helps that Bran didn't reveal his secret. Dany isn't happy about it but there's not much she can do in this scenario, leading to some tension with her and Jon.

This also causes issues with Dany and Tyrion. With Cersei screwing them over, Dany feels as though Tyrion has let her down yet again, and she's not sure if she can still trust him going forward. Perhaps she made a mistake choosing him as her hand. However, Jorah explains to her later that she definitely made the right call appointing Tyrion to the position. Meanwhile, Jaime speaks to Brienne for the first time in a while, and he tells her that he will fight under her command.

Sansa and Dany finally have some time to talk things out and they seem to be getting closer this time around. Dany admits that she came to Winterfell out of love for Jon, but that she does intend to take the Iron Throne when the fight against the Night King is over.

It's reunion time! Theon shows up in Winterfell, as do Edd, Tormund, and the other men from the wall. There is a meeting of the minds to talk about the fight against the Night King and what can be done about his pending attack. Bran reveals that the Night King wants to bring the Endless Night, and that he knows there to find them because he has marked Bran. So the plan is for Bran to lure them away into the Godswood. This meeting leads into a night of drinking and various gatherings around Winterfell.

After a talk with The Hound, Arya shifts her attention to Gendry, giving fans a moment they've been waiting for for quite a while. Yes, Arya and Gendry actually get together in this episode, easily becoming the most exciting couple in all of Westeros.

By the fireside, there are a ton of jokes about surviving the war which has everyone in a strangely chipper mood. Then the conversation moves to Brienne becoming a knight, and how she could never become one. Jaime ends up knighting her in one of the more emotional moments of the episode. There is also some talk here of the people who can't fight going to the crypts, and Lyanna Mormont making sure she's up on the surface for all of the action.


Sam ends up giving his Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane, to Jorah. He tells him that he was taught to do the right thing, and the right thing is equipping a better warrior with the weapon.

In the finals scenes of the episode, Dany finds Jon in the crypts and he spills the beans about his parentage and their true relationship. She doesn't believe him at first, but when she does, she realizes that he is the true heir to the throne. Just as she says the words out loud, the horns sound throughout Winterfell. The White Walkers have arrived.