Netflix Called out for Fat-Shaming Premise of New Show 'Insatiable'

Netflix's rollout for Insatiable has hit a major snag in the form of online backlash.

The comedy stars Jessie alum Debby Ryan as "Fatty Patty," a high school student repeatedly teased and bullied for being overweight. Patty is then attacked by someone and is forced to have her jaw wired shut for months.

With Patty's jaw wired shut, her diet drastically changes and her weight disappears over summer vacation. She comes back to school revitalized and out for revenge on everyone who bullied her.

Based on the trailer, numerous Twitter users are up-in-arms over the seemingly underlying themes of the series. Many point to that fact that it may show impressionable viewers that they have to starve themselves to lose weight and gain social acceptability.

"This is a good example of why I grew up insecure and thought I would never be loved because of my size," one Twitter user wrote. "Give us a story where the fat girl stays fat, struggles but learns to accept her body and overcomes societal standards."

Another user added how "it promotes fat-shaming, teaches young people that if you don't eat you'll become skinny and desirable, romanticizes revenge fantasies, [and] shows that you're only deserving of love and popularity if you fall into society's definition of beauty."

Many users then directed their irritation at Ryan another key figure in the project: Alyssa Milano.

Milano plays the role of Coralee, the wife of Dallas Roberts' male lead character Rob, and has been heavily promoting the Netflix original series. The Charmed alum is known for being a strong advocate for positive female imagery in media, so her inclusion in the project rubbed many the wrong way.

However, Milano quickly took to Twitter to do a lengthy video about the show's true message, as well as sum up her thoughts to critical viewers.

"We are not shaming Patty," Milano wrote. "We are addressing (through comedy) the damage that occurs from fat shaming."

While many of the critics kept on, some decided to wait until the show's first season is released on Aug. 10 to pass judgement.

"I understand people feeling maybe a bit uncomfortable at how they're advertising insatiable, but you have two women, Alyssa Milano [and] Debby Ryan, who are advocates for human rights [and] other women," one Twitter user wrote. "Alyssa is one of the most vocal celebrity females in politics. They got this."

Insatiable's first season will begin streaming on Netflix on Aug. 10.


Photo Credit: Netflix / Tina Rowden