Invincible: Here Is What Henry Cavill Could Look Like As Omni Man

With the season one finale of Amazon's Invincible now streaming fans are already hankering for more episodes of the Robert Kirkman adaptation. The good news is it was confirmed earlier this week that new seasons had already been ordered, but it's also worth noting that the comic book, co-created by Kirkman and Cory Walker, is also in development as a live-action feature film. Devleopment on that film hasn't gotten to the point where casting is even being discussed but a new edit by none other than Bosslogic will no doubt have many thinking Henry Cavill should take the part of Omni Man.

Father to the titular Invincible (Mark Grayson), the character is a Superman-like character when the story begins but his true intentions are actually much more sinister. The key trademark of the character however is his mustache, big and burly as any seen on the big screen, and with that in mind Cavill and his own mustache which caused countless headaches on the set of Warner Bros. Justice League and made it a meme in its own right. Check out the edit by Bosslogic below!

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The live-action adaptation of Invincible could very well bring some of the cast for the animated series along as well as Kirkman previously revealed.

"Working with Seth [Rogen] and Evan [Goldberg] on the movie, I think that when the movie comes to be, you will see that there are vast differences," the comic scribe told CinemaBlend. "I think that there are many different ways that you can adapt Invincible, and the starting points are going to be very different. And so the kind of story that we’re telling in the film version is much different than the kind of story that we’re telling in the animated version, and you’ll see the two coinciding and coexisting, but being very separate. So I wouldn’t expect any kind of... You know, there mi-i-ight be some casting crossover, I think that would be a fun thing to do. There are a few actors that I think would do really well as the live-action counterpart. But yeah, the two things are very different."

In the animated series none other than JK Simmons provides the voice of Omni Man, and her very well could become one of those characters that also appears in the live-action feature film. Coincidentally he also sported a mustache in the Justice League movie, just on purpose.