Servant: Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose Tease New Turner Family Challenges

Heading into Season 2 of Servant, Toby Kebbell's Sean Turn and Lauren Ambrose's Dorothy Turner are headed into challenging uncharted territory. They have now lost their son Jericho, again, and will pursue drastically different avenues for answers. One seems to be looking for a logical and grounded explanation and cover for what has happened while the other is willing to pursue any means to find a happy solution for the couple and their son. Kebbell and Ambrose caught up with in the exclusive interview seen above, where they opened up about how the relationship between their characters and their individual skill sets are going to factor into the new episodes.

"The truth is his relationship has developed into what it is at the moment," Kebbell said of Sean and Dorothy. "So now, what his relationship was is long-since gone, almost. But what he hopes for and what he's desperate and driving at is to keep what he has, what semblance he has, alive. So, you know, it's grains of sand, it's day by day, and suddenly he's buried. But he is still trying to keep what he believes to be the love of his life awake so that he can, you know, selfishly actually, he can kind of survive, himself."

Sean will be the half of the relationship who seems less likely to accept the supernatual potential of Leanne's role in bringing their son back into their lives, while Dorothy will dig for any clues about the mysterious nanny while suspending a bit more disbelief. In both cases, thee relationship will remain integral. "What they were, before, who they were, before, sadly is not with them anymore," Kebbell goes on. "But it's still kind of amazing that the love they have has allowed, even in this kind of slightly vicious, sometimes, this kind of life that they live together is enough for him because of how much he adores the person he lives with."

Dorothy is, as Ambrose points out, quite equipped to investigate their son being stripped away from them - this time through no fault of their own. "Yeah, I feel like there's a sharp turn into strength and she's gonna use her journalistic abilities to figure out this problem and get her child back," Ambrose says. "And it drives her crazy, as you said. And there's some intense power struggles and really crazy power dynamic between Leanne who returns and Dorothy. And yeah, it gets pretty scary."

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Servant returns for its second season on Apple TV+ on January 15.