'Supernatural' EP on Whether Sam or Dean Will Get Love Interests Soon

Supernatural has plenty of truths, but fans can’t stop hoping one of them will break. If you’ve watched the series for awhile, then you know that love interests never last for long. Supernatural has no problem killing off Sam or Dean’s lovers, and it has been awhile since either have gotten cozy with someone.

So, you really shouldn’t expect for Supernatural to give the Winchester Brothers lovers next season.

During a recent interview with TV Line, Andrew Dabb opened up about Supernatural’s romantic future. The executive producer was asked if fans should expect Dean or Sam to shack up with someone soon, but Dabb shot down that hope real quick.

“I don’t think this is that show, honestly,” executive producer Andrew Dabb revealed.

“Neither of them is looking for love, let’s put it that way. Sam has been in love multiple times, and Dean has had his own relationships,” he explained. “There was a time when Sam and Dean, and particularly Sam at one point, thought they could have a normal life and walk away from the fight. I don’t think either of our guys look at it that way anymore.”

“They know they’re going to fight until they can’t fight anymore, either until they win or they die," Dabb added. "When you’re committed to that fight, the idea of bringing someone into that and being like, ‘Hey, let’s get married’ [doesn’t compute]. I’m not sure either of our guys is really looking for that at this point in time."


Fans will have an easier time recollecting Dean’s flings as opposed to Sam. Dean’s most notable relationship was Anna Milton, but Sam has had several long-lasting relationship which ended tragically. The younger brother has had his share of hook-ups, but his romances with Meg and Jessica remain sore spots for Sam even to this day.

Supernatural Season 13 premieres on Thursday, October 12th at 8/7c on The CW.

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