Asuka is Next for Becky Lynch, But She's Still Trashing Ronda Rousey

On SmackDown Becky Lynch earned a shot at Asuka and her title at the Royal Rumble. However, in her post-match interview, Lynch only wanted to talk Ronda Rousey.

Considering her interference at TLC, Rousey is a big reason why Lynch is no longer SmackDown Women's Champion. Lynch won't be forgetting that anytime soon and may have prioritized her revenge on Rousey ahead of her getting back her SmackDown title.

“I said I’d win and I did. Everything that I’ve said I would do, I have done, There are some things that I couldn’t take account for, such as Ronnie sticking her weirdo head in where it doesn’t belong, and interfering in my match and costing me my championship. That’s the kind of coward that she is, that’s the kind of coward they have on Raw," said Lynch.

Lynch was keen to remind the world that it was her, not Rousey who took women's wrestling to the forefront.

"That’s not the kind of champion we had on SmackDown because the champion we had on SmackDown made the SmackDown Women’s championship the talk of the world, and it changed the entire industry. And then, it’s funny, it’s funny, isn’t it? The golden girl cost me my championship, and the night after, it’s crazy how this works, there’s no automatic rematches. Isn’t that interesting, Kayla? No automatic rematches," she said.

But Lynch has been here before. Now that she is belt-less Lynch is the underdog again, and to here, that's perfect.

"And I shouldn’t be angry about it, I should’ve expected this. I shouldn’t be angry about it, I should expect that I have to work a little bit harder than everybody else, that I have to climb a little bit higher than everybody else, that I have to scratch & claw just a little bit more than everybody else. But I’m up for the task and comeRoyal Rumble, I’m taking my championship back to where it belongs – at the top spot of this company," she said.


Just 24-hours ago, Lynch was the favorite to win the Women's, Royal Rumble. But now that she's booked to meet Asuka, it's likely she won't be in the battle royal. That makes Charlotte Flair a heavy favorite. But if Flair wins, who does she challenge? Rousey will certainly be carrying her Raw Women's Championship to WrestleMania 35 and it's highly possible Lynch becomes champ after bating Asuka. Could we be heading to a triple threat at 'Mania?

It's certainly beginning to look that way.