The Internet Is Losing It Over Seth Rollins' Comments to Dean Ambrose

Wrestling isn't supposed to make you cry, but a lot of fans are feeling a tug on their heartstrings after Seth Rollins' latest comments to Dean Ambrose.

Earlier this year, Dean Ambrose made headlines when news broke that he planned to leave the WWE when his contract ended this year. The WWE even acknowledged that Ambrose planned on leaving, and Ambrose has been in a weird state of limbo ever since. However, Roman Reigns' unexpected return last week has given the WWE an opportunity to end Ambrose's run on a high note with one final Shield reunion.

Both Reigns and Rollins announced at the start of tonight's episode that they were open to a Shield reunion, but they still needed to convince Ambrose, who famously cast aside the Shield the same night that Reigns announced he had leukemia. While Reigns reminded Ambrose that he always had a seat next to him, it was Rollins' words that really made Shield fans cry.


""You are my wrestling soulmate," Rollins said in a backstage segment. We've got one shot to do this the right way!" Ambrose turned down the offer, but fans were clearly touched by the sentiment.

It seems that Rollins' words had some effect on Ambrose, as he came to Rollins and Reigns' aid a little while later. It seems that the Shield is together for one last ride.