Cesaro Hopeful WWE Will Reunite The Bar

After weeks of not appearing on television together, Cesaro finally cleared up what's going on regarding he and Sheamus as a tag team. The pair failed to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 35 and quickly turned their attention to the current world champions, interfering in a "Winner Take All" match between Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins the night after WrestleMania and taking on The New Day in a six-man tag match on that week's SmackDown Live. Unfortunately Sheamus hasn't appeared on WWE television since then, as he's reportedly dealing with a concussion on top of the mounting reported issues with his neck.

Cesaro was drafted to the Raw the following week as part of the Superstar Shake-up, and has been used primarily as a singles act despite still using The Bar's entrance music. Cesaro explained in a recent interview with talkSPORT that The Bar is done as a tag team, at least for now.

"See, I was traded after the Superstar Shakeup," he said. "So, I actually thought that The Bar may not have been broken up, you know? You never know! Then, all of a sudden I get a message like 'Hey, your travel changed,' and I'm like 'Ah, OK yeah, guess I'm a Raw guy now!' With the brand split, it was a clean split and we can always go back to it."

In a separate interview, Cesaro joined Lana and Rusev in fighting back against rumors that Sheamus was nearing retirement.


"I have no clue about a return date, but I know that he's doing great," Cesaro told The Irish Mirror. "I know he just built a home gym that he had painted orange like a real 'Celtic Warrior', so he's making the most out of his time [off]. He's one of the hardest workers I know. You should check his YouTube channel for updates because he'll let everyone know once he himself knows what's up."

Back in mid-2016 Cesaro and Sheamus were rivals on the Raw midcard. After their Best-of-Seven series ended in a draw, the pair were put together as a tag team by Raw general manager Mick Foley.