Watch: CM Punk Tells Seth Rollins to Stop Tweeting, Rollins Responds With an Insult

CM Punk offered some advice to Seth Rollins during his first appearance on WWE Backstage this week, but it doesn't look like the former WWE Champion listened. Shortly after Punk's surprise arrival on Backstage last week, Rollins took to Twitter and called out the retired world champion to a fight. During Tuesday's episode Renee Young asked Punk about Rollins' challenge, as well as Rollins' struggles in recent months keeping WWE fans on his side while holding the "top guy" role on Monday Night Raw each week. While Punk sympathized with the challenge that comes with the role Rollins is playing, his advice for the "Beast Slayer" was short and sweet β€” stop tweeting.

"This isn't the show where you come on and shoot your little angles," Punk said. "Seth needs to stop tweeting and realize that sometimes it's better to be viewed at as the fool and shut your mouth [than] you open your mouth and remove all doubt."

After making a subtle reference to Young's husband, AEW star Jon Moxley, Punk was asked how Rollins and Roman Reigns both handled the position of being WWE's top babyface.

"It's a hard job," Punk said. "The word oversaturation comes to mind. When you're in the spotlight for as long as they have been, it's hard to stay fresh and constantly reinvent yourself. So I think they're both the top guys and I think sometimes that can wear on fans."

Punk then reiterated that Rollins should delete Twitter off his phone, which was likely referencing the number of tweets Rollins has made in the past few months that have received backlash from many wrestling fans.

Rollins didn't seem to care for the advice, and took exception to Punk not answering his challenge.

But Punk wasn't done. During a segment called "Social Media SmackDown," Punk joked that Rollins was searching for relevancy by trying to pick a fight with him.


While Punk didn't outright close the door on wrestling inside a WWE ring again, he did say that quite a few "hurdles" would need to be jumped before it could happen.

Rollins is booked to compete at Survivor Series on Sunday as the captain of Team Raw in a 5-on-5-on-5 Men's Survivor Series elimination match.