AEW Announces Yearly Wins/Loss Record Reset, Process Moving Forward

With a new year comes refreshed wins/losses records for the stars of AEW.

All Elite Wrestling announced in a posting on social media on Thursday how their records system will work moving forward, writing "New 2020 annual records will begin on this Wednesday, January 1. Career records will be cumulative, and the annual records will reset each calendar year. The annual records will be increasingly important in the rankings as the new calendar year continues."

In other words, the company will track two sets of records, with the yearly records that reset on January 1st the most important as far as their weekly rankings go. That makes the most sense from a logic perspective as its the best explanation of how a wrestler currently has been faring versus wins and losses from several months, or even years, earlier.


A performer's career win/loss record will always be an interesting stat to look at as the company grows and has more longevity. Imagine, say, if you could go on the WWE website and look up Randy Orton's career record. It's something that could always be thrown out there for storyline purposes even if it's not reflecting the current rankings as it could eventually give the company more history and prestige to build off of with their performers.