AEW's Brodie Lee Reveals Original Plans For TNT Championship

WWE has, unfortunately, let go a number of big time wrestlers in their roster in the past twelve months, with Brodie Lee one of the biggest losses, but like others, the wrestler was picked up by All Elite Wrestling and recently had an interview where he broke down how he wasn't originally supposed to be the TNT Champion! While he doesn't currently hold the belt, with Cody Rhodes holding the TNT Championship Belt at the moment, Brodie Lee made good use of his time as the TNT Champion and has definitely left his mark on the AEW during his time there.

During a recent interview as a part of the podcast, "AEW Unrestricted", Lee revealed that the original plan wasn't for him to gain the championship belt, but through a good series of events, had found himself champion:

AEW Brodie Lee
(Photo: AEW)

"I believe that the original plan was for me to not become TNT Champion. I don't know much, I'm not privy into the ins and outs, the nuts and bolts of it all, probably because I don't want to be because if I have a thought in my head, I'll quickly become married to it and then if something changes, I go insane. I try not to know too much and I kind of just live in the moment. I learned my lesson the hard way over many, many years, so I try to stay level-headed and not get too much information and receive things as they are presented to me. The match itself was presented to me like a week or two before it even happened, so I just wanted to train and look the part and do whatever is asked of me."

Brodie also took the opportunity to chat about his winning of the belt and how he thought when he realized that his children were watching him win the belt:


"I mean, laying on top of Cody looking into the hard cam imagining my son looking back on the other side knowing I'm going to be the TNT Champion and bringing that belt home to him, that's a very special memory. That Saturday night is one that I will never forget. It's something that worked out perfectly. We filmed that [match] before and when we filmed it, it felt good, great. But you never know how it's going to come across on television and then when we watched it back at home with my two sons and me, I had tears in my eyes. It was just the culmination of so much bullshit and so much questioning myself and questioning my career and questioning my anxiety for eight years and watching it on TV was just an unbelievable experience."

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