Watch Wardlow Dominate Scorpio Sky to Win the TNT Championship on AEW Dynamite

Wardlow dominated Scorpio Sky in mere minutes in the opening match of this week's AEW Dynamite to win the AEW TNT Championship. "Mr Mayhem" was able to overcome near-constant interference from Dan Lambert and American Top Team and kicked out of a belt shot to the face before planting Sky with a Powerbomb Symphony. The win gives Wardlow his first championship in AEW and continues the momentum he built up after betraying MJF at Revolution and soundly defeating him at Double or Nothing

The loss brings Sky's second reign with the TNT title to an end at 71 days. The championship had been traded back and forth between Sky and Sammy Guevara over the span of several months, though the feud was heavily criticized and many critics saw it lower the value of what is supposed to be AEW's second most valuable men's championship.

Even Miro, who previously held the TNT Title before dropping it to Guevara last year, criticized what had happened to the championship in his absence. He told WhatCulture last month, 'Well, it's the man that creates the title, not the title that creates the man. I think everything I did with that title [TNT Championship] was the fruits of my labor. The title didn't come with all this heaviness. I mean, it came from Darby [Allin] which is a great competitor but, you know, it was -- we're just such different people, such a different style and then everybody that came after that, they tried to take it but that's just not possible. When I hang onto something, it's mine and unfortunately, the Sammy Guevara thing came in, he landed on my balls, let's not forget about that. The finish [of our TNT Title match], he did the four-70,000-do-whatever-the-thing is. I was preparing to protect myself, he landed right on my balls and you can't kick out of that, nobody can.

"So I don't even take fault of that but I take fault — I take a fault of maybe being too good of a champion because ever since I lost that title, that title has gone to sh—s and that's nothing but to blame Sammy Guevara for that, so he's got to bear the cross for that," he added.


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