MJF and The Pinnacle Wins AEW's First Blood & Guts Match

This week's AEW Dynamite saw the company's first-ever Blood & Guts match, and by the end of the night both The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle were bloody and broken messes. But the show went off the air with MJF standing tall after winning the match for his team and promptly Chris Jericho off of the roof. The Inner Circle dominated most of the match once all five competitors from both teams had entered, causing a bloodied Friedman to run up the cage and hide on the roof. Jericho followed and the two each tried to force the other to submit to no avail.

MJF then decided to walk Jericho up to the edge of the cage and threaten to push him off unless his team surrendered. Sammy Guevara eventually gave up in order to save his mentor, ending the match. Friedman then pushed Jericho off anyway and sent him plummeting through the entrance ramp.

Jericho talked about his excitement heading into the match last week in an interview with ComicBook.

"Blood & Guts is a little bit different," Jericho said when comparing it to WarGames. "Even just in the way that it's constructed. You'll see that on Wednesday. I've been in a lot of first matches before. The first Elimination Chamber, the first Money in the Bank, the first Stadium Stampede, so I'm no stranger to that.

"And anytime you get a match that's never happened before from a stipulation standpoint, it's exciting because there's really no rules," he continued. "It's a little bit of a detriment in as far as you can't go back and watch old versions to get ideas from because there haven't been any other versions. So I think all across the board, we've really built it up properly. The angle is very hot. It's the perfect timing to have this type of match."