AEW Reveals Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm's First ThunderStorm Shirt

After a surprise introduction on last week's AEW Rampage, the tag team of AEW Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm made its debut on tonight's AEW Dynamite, and now they have their first shirt. ThunderStorm, which has to be one of the best Tag Team names in some time, debuted against the team of Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir, and to celebrate the debut AEW revealed their first piece of merchandise. Like the team name, the shirt is pretty perfect and features both of their trademark fonts in the logo, and you can check it out below.

The new shirt is now available on AEW's shop for $24.99, and fans are definitely loving the name and the design. The team was successful in their Tag Team debut as well, defeating Rose and Shafir during tonight's Dynamite. Rose and Shafir both ended up attacking Storm after Rose's match against Storm on Rampage, and both were upset after Storm got the win.

They started attacking Storm after the victory but Rosa came in to make the save. Then they stood alongside each other in the ring, and that led to a tweet from AEW teasing the ThunderStorm name. Fans quickly noticed and were loving the name and the prospect of a Tag Team featuring these two, and then it was announced they would have their first match tonight.

Now, the question is where does this team go from here. You likely don't roll out an actual Tag name and merchandise if it's just a one-and-done, and fans are definitely loving the combo of Storm and Rosa. The only problem is that Rosa is currently the AEW Women's World Champion, so is likely to defend the Title at several points and can't fully commit to just the Tag Team Division. Storm is also in the mix for that Title after a close match at Forbidden Door.

That said, perhaps this is a perfect way to keep featuring both on AEW TV. You start to build a friendship that is also a healthy rivalry, and when it's finally time for Storm to get another shot you've built in some additional intrigue without having to turn either one. A heel Rosa or Storm turn could still be fun if that's the route they choose, but this would be a way to avoid that while still building that rivalry and getting some amazing matches all at the same time.


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