Watch: Sammy Guevara Busts Open Matt Hardy With a Vicious Table Spot on AEW Dynamite

Matt Hardy arrived on AEW Dynamite this week to deliver a promo echoing his future plans for his time in the company. Instead of reviving his "Broken" persona or taking fans on a tour on the multiverse of Matt Hardy, the veteran has decided to go simply by Matthew Hardy and shed all of his other gimmicks. He also continued to call out Sammy Guevara, saying that his sneak attack last week was payback for what Guevara did to him in his AEW in-ring debut. Guevara then snuck out from under the ring, but Hardy saw it coming and started nailing punches.

The brawl then spilled outside the ring. Hardy set up a table, only for Guevara to run his head into the ring post and place him on it. He then dove off the entrance stage and crashed into Hardy with a 450 Splash. Hardy was busted open as a result of the impact and was bleeding profusely as cameras cut to the next segment.


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