Tony Khan Explains William Regal's AEW Departure, Reveals Family Health Scare

AEW's Tony Khan opened the media conference call for Final Battle on Wednesday with a long explanation regarding William Regal's impending departure from the company. Khan explained that, prior to AEW Grand Slam, his mother suffered a stroke. She was initially released from the Mayo Clinic after doctors couldn't find the cause, but then she suffered a second one mere weeks later. Doctors were able to find a spot on her heart and had it surgically removed, and he was happy to say her status has been improving ever since. 

As all of this was happening, Regal had approached Megha Parekh about his desire to want to leave AEW in order to return to WWE so he could work alongside his son (Charlie Dempsey). After a long conversation with Regal outside of the Mayo Clinic, Khan came to the conclusion that, given the family situation he was going through, he did not want to keep any parent away from working with their child. He said Regal is still under contract for the end of the year, but his option for an additional year will not be picked up. Khan also pointed out that plans regarding Regal had to be completely overhauled, which explains why MJF suddenly turned on the former King of the Ring on last week's AEW Dynamite. 

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