Baron Corbin Says He Received Death Threats After Hitting Becky Lynch With End of Days

WWE dipped its toe into intergender wrestling in July when, during a mixed tag match main event at Extreme Rules between Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch vs. Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans, Corbin nailed Lynch with his End of Days finisher. The moment was such a shock that it sent Rollins into a violent rage and sent Evans retreating backstage. Meanwhile the fans were stunned given how WWE rarely lets the male wrestlers put their hands on the female wrestlers.

In a new interview on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Corbin revealed that he received death threats from Lynch fans after the match.

"I was curious about the reaction," Corbin said. "It was one of the craziest reactions that I have ever heard. When you stand behind her and I'm getting up behind her and when I snatch her and the fans are yelling, it's almost dead quiet for a second. They couldn't believe I had done it. They popped and then booed. It was the most confusing and greatest reaction of just pure, natural excitement and hatred.

"I even had to give some stuff to our social media team because I received death threats after that; it was insane," he continued. "People went way overboard, but people were like, 'I'm coming to Raw to stab you.' It was crazy. I can't remember but I called Seth Rollins a piece of s— or something. I don't know what it was, but I was so excited when I did that and the reaction was so unreal and loud that I turned around and I was mad and whatever I was feeling, it came out and it was so funny because it was totally natural. But I had to click back into the zone. It was a surreal moment that I will remember forever."

Corbin would disappear from television after that loss, and wouldn't reappear until WWE announced the 16-man bracket for the 2019 King of the Ring tournament. The big man managed to beat The Miz, Cedric Alexander, Samoa Joe & Ricochet and Chad Gable in order to win the crown, but his celebration on Tuesday night was short-lived as Gable destroyed his throne, crown, sceptre and cape.


The tournament victory was just the latest in a growing list of accomplishments for the former NFL player. He's previously been a United States Champion, a Money in the Bank winner and the 2016 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for transcription