WWE Fans Refuse to Acknowledge Becky Lynch's Heel Turn

After 48 hours of ambiguity, WWE made it clear on SmackDown that Becky Lynch is now a heel. And no [...]

After 48 hours of ambiguity, WWE made it clear on SmackDown that Becky Lynch is now a heel. And no one is excited about it

SummerSlam's best moment came when Lynch slugged Charlotte Flair. Based on the crowd's reaction, Lynch appeared to have channeled her inner Steve Austin. So when she addressed the WWE Universe on SmackDown, we were all ready for Becky 3:16. Instead, Lynch kept her character hinging on classic heel traits like narcissism and entitlement.

But no matter how hard she tried to be bad, the Brooklyn crowd supported her.

Not only did the live crowd refuse to boo her, but WWE fans watching from home have also doubled down on their love for the Lass Kicker.

WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley says WWE has their work cut out for them in making Lynch a villain. During an episode of Busted Open Radio, Dudley asserted Lynch is acting like Stone Cold and being received like Daniel Bryan—two of the biggest heroes in WWE history.

Surely WWE has noticed the undeniable incongruence of Becky's "heel turn." Lynch's SummerSlam explosion was justifiable for most fans. Despite missing most of the summer, Charlotte Flair was stuck in the SmackDown Women's Championship match. While that alone was enough to irritate Lynch and her fans, Flair's win at SummerSlam left a sour taste in everyone's mouth. So when Lynch jumped Flair, it looked like she was standing up for herself. At least, that's how the crowd took it. With chants of "You Deserve It" as Flair lay crying under the announce table, Lynch was given a hero's exit as she stormed up the ramp.

Lynch would attack Flair again on Monday at a WWE Live Event, setting up her big promo on SmackDown. What we wanted to hear was Lynch blast Flair for being a manipulative narcissist who only cared about her individual success. After so many insults Flair would come out and say "You're right, I'm the Queen and you're the red-headed stepchild of WWE." Or something like that.

That way, Charlotte gets to be the heel, a role she was born to play. And Lynch gets to play the fiery heroine on a quest to deliver justice and regain her Championship.

But that's not the story we're getting. Instead. Lynch will play the role of the whiny, opportunistic villain until further notice. Maybe WWE calls an audible and flips Flair and Lynch's roles, but right now we are headed in a wonky direction.