Potential Sign Becky Lynch's Reign as SmackDown Women's Champion Coming to Close

Becky Lynch's Evolution victory over Charlotte Flair may have been the biggest moment of her career. And apparently, it could be one of her last images as SmackDown Women's Champion.

It's worth noting that Lynch's WWE gold is in no immediate jeopardy. Her next big bout will come against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series on November 18 in a Champion vs. Champion match. However, after that non-title contest, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Live posits that Lynch's run as champ could before 2019 closes.

"The first thing I thought was that they're giving Becky a big win here because they're going to take the title off of her probably at the next pay-per-view. Obviously, it's not going to be the next pay-per-view but my guess would be at TLC," Meltzer said.

But why would WWE do such a thing? At the moment, Lynch is the company's hottest star, and while she'll probably be tapping to Rousey at Survivor Series there no reason she can't hold the title to WrestleMania 35, right? Well, there's another match WWE has in mind for WM35 and it doesn't involve Lynch.

"But that makes sense because they're doing champion vs champion and I'm sure they don't want Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte until WrestleMania. So yeah, I think that's one of the big reasons that happened on Sunday night," said Meltzer.

Flair vs. Rousey has been something WWE has been reportedly targeting since the summer of 2017. However earlier this month a new report suggested Lynch vs. Rousey at WM35 was a possibility, but with them being set for Survivor Series it seems unlikely.

While nearly all of this is speculative, it does seem to fit WWE's direction. If Flair and Rousey is the plan for WM35, that means one of them will have to be Champion in April and the other will need to win the Royal Rumble.

But that doesn't explain why Lynch needs to lose her SmackDown Women's Championship unless WWE wants both Flair and Rousey to be titleholders come WM35.


Regardless there are a lot of holes to be filled, but it's refreshing to have such a juicy plot that hinges on women's wrestling. No matter who main events WrestleMania next year, WWE has three bonafide stars on the women's roster. The future for Women's wrestling has never been this bright as now WWE will soon call upon them to lead the company.

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