Bobby Lashley Says a Match With Brock Lesnar Needs to Happen in 2020

Ahead of his wedding with Lana on this week's Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley spoke with Sports Illustrated about his plans for 2020. The former Intercontinental and ECW Champion has feuded with the likes of Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor and Rusev since he returned to the WWE in 2018, but has refrained from taking on the one wrestler fans have been dream booking for years — Brock Lesnar. Lashley has been compared to "The Beast" ever since he was catapulted to the main roster in the mid-2000s, and that comparison only grew stronger over the years as both men had impressive mixed martial arts careers.

When asked about the possibility, Lashley said a match between to two "needs to happen."

"2020 is the year to make a run for that big match," Lashley said. "People have been talking about how me and Brock would be amazing, and there have been all kinds of different comparisons. If people want to hate me and put me as a heel against Brock, I'm 100% down for it. But at the same token, I think there is an opportunity for people to see what I'm doing with Lana and like it, and want to see me go after Brock. Regardless of anything else, that needs to happen."

Lashley has been romantically linked to Lana on weekly WWE television since late September. While fans have vocally booed segments involving the two each week on Raw, certain fans have gone so far as to issue death threats towards "The Ravishing Russian."

"I personally have received a lot of death threats," Lana said while out of character. "I've gotten calls from like WWE and the FBI, people actually threatening WWE. Having death threats on me and the FBI has had to call me and protect me. And I get death threats on my comments on Instagram, on Twitter. I mean, people are bullies. I mean today I opened my email account and I had this death threat on my email."


"... But it was just like the names that people call are just, it's just appalling. It's absolutely appalling," she added.