Braun Strowman Flips An Ambulance With Roman Reigns Inside

Last week it appeared Roman Reigns was moving away from the sympathetic babyface character as he seemed to be completely owning his defeat of The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Tonight, however, WWE completely went the other direction when they had Braun Strowman damn near kill The Big Dog live on Raw.

Roman was interrupted during his interview with Michael Cole when his former nemesis ambushed him and sent him through walls and tables in the backstage area before slamming his head with a moving crate.

Once the WWE security guards finally were able to get Roman on a stretcher, Strowman decided to throw the stretcher clean off the loading ramp ... with Roman Reigns still on it.

But that's where most regular backstage stretcher wrestling scenes would've stopped. Not when Braun Strowman is involved. Oh no.

The Monster Among Men then climbed into the ambulance to batter Roman's face a few more times before he decided to get out and just flip over the ambulance with his bare hands.

Once again, with Roman Reigns still inside!

Thankfully, Strowman finally let Roman get to the hospital so he could take a little time out to send a tweet.

The attack, of course, brought out a Thank You Strowman chant from the Long Island crowd. WWE will be announcing an update on Roman's health later in the evening after he's taken to a "local medical facilty" for tests.


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