Bray Wyatt Reveals New 'Fiend' COVID-19 PPE Mask

Over the years, some WWE stars have taken portraying their characters in public more seriously than others. While some like to appear to fans outside the ring just as they do during wrestling shows, others have a clear separation between their television personas and "real life." Bray Wyatt is including his famous "Fiend" persona into his every day life in one very meaningful way: his face mask coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic. And really, is there anyone on the WWE roster who has a better character more suited for the situation?

Wyatt revealed on his social media pages that Jason Baker of Tom Savini Studios has made him a PPE mask for going out in public during the present situation. Baker and Savini have been responsible for many of the props that Wyatt has used during his run as the Fiend. While some people wear surgical masks or home made masks, the WWE star is going out repping his TV persona (and probably freaking some people out in the process).

Check out the photos below.

Baker and Savini have made other similar PPE masks as well, as seen on their Twitter page.


Would you wear one of these Fiend PPE masks in public if they were made available for sale to the general public? While the Tom Savini version that Wyatt is seen wearing here is not available yet, WWE is selling their own Fiend CDC compatible face mask covering.

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