Reports Suggest CM Punk Planned His AEW All Out Press Conference Comments Weeks Ago

Professional wrestling history has its eyes on All Elite Wrestling. The young promotion is in the midst of its biggest drama since its inception in January 2019, which revolves around co-founders Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks and top star CM Punk. After AEW All Out went off the air, AEW President Tony Khan held the regular post-show press conference. This now infamous presser kicked off with then-AEW World Champion CM Punk, who before he received any questions, took the opportunity to blast former friend Colt Cabana and ex-rival "Hangman" Adam Page, while also belittling the leadership abilities of Omega and the Bucks.

While AEW press conferences do blend reality with storylines, as the recent ROH Death Before Dishonor presser featured Daniel Garcia confronting Wheeler Yuta to set the stage for a rematch, Punk's comments were not anticipated by anyone in the room. That said, that doesn't include Punk himself.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Punk alluded to the presser being noteworthy weeks before he took part in it.

"One person noted that Punk two weeks ago when he returned said that the press conference after the PPV would be interesting," Meltzer wrote. "It was very clear it was planned because it was so practiced and everything."

The idea of Punk planning this rant was echoed by Bryan Alvarez.

"I do know that if you talk to people there, they believe that this had been planned and that he was fully intending to go in and do exactly what he did on that day," Alvarez said on the Wrestling Observer Radio.

The backstage fight is currently being investigated by an independent company hired by AEW. This will involve video interviews with everyone involved, including neutral parties that did not get physical or attempt to break up those throwing punches. Alongside the aforementioned men, this includes Punk's trainer Ace Steel, Brandon Cutler, Christopher Daniels, Michael Nakazawa, and Pat Buck. Key witnesses are said to include AEW Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh and Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Stay tuned to for updates on this story.