Dolph Ziggler Says He Threatened to Quit WWE Over SummerSlam Match With Goldberg

Over the summer Dolph Ziggler was involved with a feud with The Miz and Shawn Michaels that eventually evolved into him having a one-on-one match with Goldberg at the SummerSlam pay-per-view. Ziggler had spent the months leading up to the event taking shots at famous wrestlers who kept coming back for one-off appearances, and kept mentioning the WWE Hall of Famer's infamous match with The Undertaker at the Super ShowDown earlier in the year. Ziggler went on to lose the match in just under of two minutes, then got speared two more times after he grabbed a microphone and kept taunting the former world champion.

In a new interview with talkSPORT, Ziggler revealed that the match was actually supposed to be even shorter, and that he had to fight in order to get what little fans actually saw.

"Then having that 'You're the guy to do this' to set the record straight and give this guy and awesome match you go 'Fantastic'. And they go, 'It's going to be a bell, spear, pin' and I go 'come on,'" Ziggler said when describing the conversation with WWE management.

"I fought all day long, threatened to leave, threatened to quit, did everything I had to — 'Give me two damn minutes!' And I got a minute, whatever, what you going to do?"

During an interview with earlier in the year Ziggler talked about what motivates him at this point in his career.


"Well, the same thing that drove me when I first started wrestling," Ziggler said. "I love it, and you don't want to not do it, and you get to a point where, 'Hey man, I've lost 95 out of 100 matches. This is a real bummer. Maybe I need to leave.' But you know that this isn't opinion. I'm awesome at my job. If fans get mad that I'm around too much, okay. If fans get mad that I lose too much, fair. But to debate how good I am at my job is pretty embarrassing at this point. We're 14 years in, being one of the best performers in the last 14 years. So I love it. I live for it. And even that time I had off, I hated every day that I wasn't there. I hated it. And I'm not just saying that. I hated not being on the road, not doing what I love, not performing."

Ziggler was drafted over to SmackDown alongside tag partner Robert Roode as part of the 2019 WWE Draft.