Donald Trump Fell For Vince McMahon's Death

It's always entertaining when the world of professional wrestling transcends other parts of our culture. Whether it's John Cena hosting SNL how the media covers angles like the Billy and Chuck storyline, the thrive for controversy is constant. Take the 2007 angle where WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was supposedly killed off with his limo exploding, causing fans to call into the corporate offices to check in on ole Vinnie Mac.

In a recent unearthed interview on the Opie and Anthony Show, WWE's Triple H back in 2008 talked about how President-Elect, and yes, WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, was actually fooled and felt concern for his friend, Vince McMahon.

"What kills me is, so many people called - I mean the office the next day," he said. "I’m not kidding you. Like, and they’ll probably get mad at me for saying it, but like Trump called and is like, did something happen to Vince?”

Who can say really if Trump was having a laugh or not, but hopefully he realized that no McMahons were harmed in the making of that production. He was featured heavily that same year at WrestleMania 23 with a feud with Vince with Bobby Lashley against Umaga in a hair vs hair match (it would be Donald and Vince's hair on the line, with Vince eventually losing).

Of course, the angle had to be dropped due to the severity of the tragic Chris Benoit murder-suicide events, so who can say where they were going to go with it and for how long.