EC3 is Reportedly Done at Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling made waves when they signed several former WWE stars ahead of Slammiversary, and one of the most intriguing names on that list included EC3. EC3 was one of the most underutilized Impact stars in WWE without a doubt, and he didn't waste any time reinventing himself when he headed back to Impact. The results were compelling, but it seems according to Fightful his time in Impact has already come to an end, at least for now.

According to the report, EC3 has finished his time with Impact Wrestling after a pretty short stint. Most of EC3's recent time with Impact featured him not in the ring but in mysterious vignettes that used his time in NXT and eventually Raw as fodder for his reinvention.

All of the past mistakes would culminate in a feud with Moose, as he attempted to draw the true star out of him. He would eventually lose, though an argument could be made that he, in essence, won by drawing that out of the star.

It seems that will be the last we see of EC3 in Impact though, which is unexpected, especially for all the hype and buzz he managed to build through those various promos. We know now that he is set to have a run in Ring of Honor, and according to the report that will be through the end of the year.


That said, there have also been rumors that he's set to start something else entirely separate from either Impact or ROH, but we're not sure what that could be.

Now he'll be busy in Ring of Honor, which hyped up his debut with more promo videos. While he is done with Impact at the moment, the door is evidently open for him to return, so we wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up later down the line.