EC3 Reflects on First World Title Win Ahead of NWA Worlds Championship Match at NWA 75 (Exclusive)

"The Overman" says he was a colonel then. Now, he's a general.

EC3 is hours away from potentially being a world champion once again. The Overman challenges Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in a bull-rope match at NWA 75th Anniversary Show, his first time main-eventing a pay-per-view for a world championship since ROH Death Before Dishonor 2021. While he came up short in that bout, EC3 is no stranger to holding a big promotion's top prize, as he is a former two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion. 

Speaking to, EC3 reflected on where he is now compared to his first world title win in 2015.

"Life experience, battle scars, wounds," EC3 said of his biggest differences today. "I would probably look at myself as a colonel then, where now I'm a general. I truly am one of the great generals within the wrestling that can compete at the absolute highest level, look the absolute best talk, the absolute best, perform at the absolute best and still take this forward knowing that I will eventually have to subside. But being at that level and having that look and that respect and that newfound experience?

(Photo: NWA)

"Eight years is a long time to go through things," EC3 continued. "I think the first run, I did have a vendetta. I was hell bent on proving people wrong. Now, I just need to prove myself completely right. And I am."

Outside of the ring, EC3 has established himself as a professional wrestling entrepreneur. He helps lead the next generation of wrestlers through Control Your Narrative. He builds training regiments on his fitness app.

"I'm all over the world. I'm all over the road. I train every day. Tying to launch so many different things. I'm spent mentally," EC3 said. "One thing I've noticed is I'm giving my energy to a lot of things at once and through that this Overman is a sole source of energy, not only for myself, but for this industry. When I do focus it all completely onto one thing, it's a surefire thing to happen."

Challenging for the NWA Worlds Title did not come without a cost. Before this, EC3 was the reigning NWA National Heavyweight Champion, a title he was forced to relinquish in order to go for the big one.

When it came to making that choice with NWA owner Billy Corgan, EC3 noted that they reached an immediate mutual decision.

"The conversation was pretty simple. 'You sure?' 'Yes.' He's like, 'Alright. Good luck at 75.' 'Thanks boss,'" EC3 said. "I've given my year to come in here, survey the land, now I know it's mine for the taking to usurp the leadership. To take it over completely. To go for the World Heavyweight Championship. I know what I have to do and now I'm ready to do it."

EC3 challenges Tyrus in the main event of NWA 75, live on pay-per-view this Sunday, August 27th.