Watch: Enzo Amore Releases a Diss Track on New Japan's Tama Tonga

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore has been in an ongoing social media feud with New Japan's Tama Tonga ever since he and Big Cass made a surprise appearance at the G1 Supercard Madison Square Garden event back in April. The latest installment in said feud came on Tuesday when Amore released a diss track on Tonga, repeatedly saying he "wasn't scared of nobody."

Based on his response, it doesn't sound like Tonga was impressed.

Amore, going by Nzo on the independent scene, has wrestled twice in 2019. Meanwhile Tonga is on his fifth reign as IWGP Tag Team Champion alongside Tanga Loa in New Japan. The pair are booked to defend the titles against Juice Robinson and David Finlay at Wrestle Kingdom 14 on Jan. 4 at the Tokyo Dome.

In recent months Amore has made numerous headlines for claims he's made about the WWE. The latest was during an interview on Talk Is Jericho, where he said half of the current WWE roster smokes pot.


"Marijuana, I don't know if anyone has ever smoked a joint and then beat his wife," Amore said. "A guy got hammered drunk and something happened, but this is legal. So it helped me. I'd rub the CBD cream all over my body when I was with the WWE. That'll get you fined $2,500. Yeah. And that's the thing a lot of people don't know. Probably half the locker room smokes pot. And why do we do that? You can't do pills. You can't do drugs. If you drink, you might end up like Cass."

Amore was suspended and subsequently released after news broke that he was under investigation for sexual assault by the Phoenix Police Department for an alleged incident in October 2017. He denied the accusations, and the investigation against him was dropped in May 2018.