Heath Slater Heavily Injured At WWE Live Event

(Photo: WWE)

At a WWE Live event in Maine, the Social Outcast's supposed leader Heath Slater sustained an eye injury in his match with Titus O'Neil.

During the match, Slater suffered an eye injury and a gash developed over his right eye. The match was immediately stopped, with O'Neil being declared the winner by default.

It was reported that WWE ringside physician Dr. Stephen Daquino was on-site and later told WWE.com the complete situation with his injury.

"Heath has a six-centimeter laceration above his right eye. It was quite open, right down to the bone. He got 18 sutures and hopefully that will close it up."

On WWE's site, they have a photo of Slater, real name Heath Miller, being treated for his injury. There's no blood in the photograph itself, but one can imagine that it was not pretty minutes prior to getting cleaned up.

(Photo: WWE)

It doesn't seem like Slater will miss a substantial amount of ring time, but we wish him a speedy recovery nonetheless.

(Via WWE)