Brock Lesnar Surpasses John Cena In The WWE Record Books

As of this morning, Brock Lesnar can add another notch to his belt when it comes to WWE accolades. According to the WWE Instagram, Lesnar has now passed Cena for most days spent as a WWE world champion.

Throughout his entire run with the company, Lesnar has now spent 1410 days as a world champion. The company is counting both the WWE Championship and well as WWE Universal Championship in this tally. Cena is stuck at 1409 (and may never hold a world championship again due to his Hollywood schedule).

Lesnar first won a world champion in 2002 when he defeated The Rock for the WWE Championship SummerSlam. Lesnar has held the WWE Championship five times and the WWE Universal Championship three times. He is the current WWE Champion.

Check out the stats below, courtesy of WWE.

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Lesnar now trails Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, and Bruno Sammartino for the most days spent as world champion. Given the fact that all three of these men (especially Sammartino) held the title for multiple years at a time, they're going to be hard to surpass. Sammartino in particular, who once held the WWE Championship for nearly eight years on one occasion and three and a half years on another occasion. Backlund usually held the title for about two years at a time during his three reigns, and Hogan's first reign as WWE Champion lasted for just over four years.


Lesnar will defend the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre in just over one month at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa. McIntyre earned the title opportunity by winning the Royal Rumble last month in Houston.

In your opinion, who has been the better world champion throughout their WWE tenures? Let us know in the comments section below.