WWE's John Cena Officially Tired of Midlife Crisis Haircut

We've all grown well-accustomed to John Cena's "high and tight" hairstyle. But the 16-time WWE Champion spent the second half of 2018 growing out his locks and it sounds like he's ready to end the experiment.

Cena's hair has been subject to plenty of internet scrutiny with most fans begging for him to shave his head again. Cena has stood firmly behind his hair, but during an appearance on Ellen, he revealed that he wants to go back to his original Marine look.

“Why not embrace the uncomfortable for once?” John explained, “It’s totally uncomfortable. I just want to go get my eight dollar haircut and now I’m throwing product in my head. I don’t know what I’m doing. I went to film a movie in China and the movie was six months long, and I left with a buzz cut and came back with this,” he revealed. “And everyone was like…'You ruined my childhood'. So I’m just trying to figure my life out and my haircut and it’s like… 'You ruined my life'. So it’s kind of weird. It was a great exercise in embracing the uncomfortable because apparently I’ve altered the space/time continuum and it’s cool to be able to just try something new.” Cena said.

Cena's hair has been a running joke on Twitter since October, and because it drew so much negative attention, Cena told The Today Show he'd keep it long as a way to shrug off bullies.

"No, everybody hates it. Well, here's the thing. You see a certain personality...Shaq, it would be like you with a fro. I see Shaq for so many years with a bald head, so I'm just used to seeing you a certain way, and when I came back I wrestled in Australia recently, man, it was like I had killed people's childhood," he said. So for that reason, I'm going to keep it, and I was going to get it cut right after the movie's over. I've still got two months of filming, but I'm going to keep it just because I like embracing the uncomfortable, and it's certainly a great way to handle negativity. I'm going to meet a lot of young readers, and maybe a lot of young readers will have questions about like 'hey man, what do you do about bullying', and I can literally show them like 'hey, I get bullied all the time.'"

Who knows how committed Cena is to his long hair, but we'll guess it's gone in the near future. Cena is set to return to WWE at the end of December after spending nearly all of 2018 away from the wrestling ring.


It's hard to know exactly what WWE has in store for him, but we can assume he'll be around for the Royal Rumble and likely WrestleMania.

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