John Cena Shares Career-Altering Advice From The Rock

While many have tried, only The Rock has been able to be a box office juggernaut in WWE and Hollywood. However, John Cena is well on his way to becoming such duel threat — especially since he has The Rock's secret.

During an interview with The Floor Seat, Cena was asked, considering the parallels, if The Rock ever imparted any wisdom upon him.

“The Rock has been genuine enough to tell me to be myself. I think it was great advice," said Cena. "It came right at a time when I needed it. I tried some movies before, and they weren’t really successful. The reason I was doing those movies was trying to create a business model. Then I looked back at myself and realized I just like telling stories. He gave me some pretty cool advice at unbelievable timing. He said: ‘Hey man, they’re going to like you, or hate you, for you. Be yourself. At least that way at the end of the day you’ll feel good about your body of work.’"

Like Cena, The Rock has portions of his IMDB he'd like to delete. However, the days of Tooth Fairy are long gone no that Dwayne Johnson is now one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. Cena has yet to reach that echelon, but his movie roles continue to improve.

Right now, the Transformer's spinoff Bumblebee is Cena's latest, but he's already booked for multiple shoots in 2019.

Cena's future has been subject to no shortage of speculation as the 41-year old seems to be transitioning out of WWE. 2018 was his thinnest year in the ring by far and if The Rock is our working precedent, it seems WWE will one day soon be void of Cena. While The Rock still maintains his relationship WWE, his appearances have been limited to less than one a year. Is Cena destined to be that far removed from the wrestling world? It's impossible to say, but in a 2018 interview with ESPN, Cena acted like he'll always be around.


"I'm far from done with the WWE. The WWE will always be my home, but in this current state of affairs right now with all this extra cool stuff that's going on, it's fun to try. It's a great time to be able to take a chance and I'm so eternally grateful to the WWE and its audience for bringing me to this point. I realize I'd be nowhere without them and I never forget them. I promise as soon as I have any sort of downtime, like I had when I was at the Greatest Royal Rumble and the string of shows I did before WrestleMania, anytime free time I get will not be free, it will be spent at my home in the WWE," he said.

"I don't feel like they're dependent on me in any way. I think the program is riveting as it stands and there are so many gifted young performers that deserve a chance and have earned a chance so there couldn't be a better time for me to take a break," he said.